Coffee & Kink is the alter-ego of a twenty-something, queer British girl often spotted in and around London. I identify as femme, polyamorous, an intersectional feminist and a submissive switch.

I started this site because I wanted somewhere to share my passions for sex positivity, sex education, consensual and joyful kink, shiny sex toys, writing erotica, occasional Fifty Shades bashing, and other adjacent topics. A sex positive online café, if you will.

This place is set up to be a safe and accessible space for people to learn and share their views.  It is run on an explicitly feminist ethos. Respectful debate and discussion is encouraged, but sexism, racism, homo-/bi-/transphobia, classism, ableism, kink shaming, body shaming and any other hateful behaviour will not be tolerated.

Again, this is an 18+ space. If you are under legal age to access adult materials then please leave immediately.